Dan Mall

Co-Founder, CEO

Dan is an award-winning designer, creative director, advisor, and author. He believes the best work happens when good, talented people work together. That’s the idea behind his design collective, SuperFriendly, and it’s what inspired him to help people forge formidable team-ups on SuperBooked.

Philip Zaengle

Co-Founder, CTO

Phil is an engineer-preneur who loves solving complex business problems with great code and design. As the founder of Zaengle Corp, he’s developed elegant solutions for 70+ clients since 2009. He stands by the mantra “Be nice, do good,” a philosophy inherent to SuperBooked’s model of paying great opportunities forward.

Garrett St. John


Garrett builds airtight, value-driven experiences with software. Talented at translating business goals into code (often improving UX along the way), Garrett takes the most pie-in-the-sky ideas for SuperBooked and makes them real, standards-based, and seamless.

Mary van Ogtrop

Copy Chief

Mary puts words and content strategies together for products, brands, and organizations she cares about while writing for the occasional literary mag. Once a copywriter for Rdio (gone, never forgotten), Mary brings clarity and a light touch to SuperBooked.

Joe Rinaldi

Product Manager

Joe is a community and relationship leader who helps organizations and global brands hit their strides on the web. He’s quick with a metaphor, a talented illustrator, and shockingly knowledgeable about basketball—and as our product manager, Joe makes sure SuperBooked is just as well-rounded.

Jacob Zaengle

Front-end Designer

Jacob pairs great software with a great attitude. With years of experience solving brands’ online challenges through triumphs in HTML and CSS, Jacob turns SuperBooked feature requests into joyful experiences befitting his trademark enthusiasm.

Jesse Schutt


As an engineer and an avid woodworker, Jesse always picks the right tool for the job. Transitioning smoothly between Laravel, PHP, Craft, and any CMS you can think of, Jesse brings great versatility to the SuperBooked team. As in his woodshop, he’s adamant about making our product beautiful, functional, and built to last.

Derek Nelson

Art Director

Derek makes people and brands more successful through design, from big-name companies to meaningful organizations. He brings the visual polish of an ad-agency vet while focusing on the granular details of user experience, making SuperBooked look good with meaning behind the design.