• Make Connections

    Connections rely on their networks to find work. Connect with the people in your working world—from designers and developers you've worked with to organizations on your radar.

  • Build a wish list

    Want to design for your favorite brand? Build in WebGL? Write about beer? Art direct a music video? Set what you'd love to work on so your connections can send the right projects your way.

  • Make recommendations

    You can't always help great organizations right away. Create and share a custom list of people you reccomend—because goodwill is just another service you offer.

  • Share work

    Too much work is a good problem, but it's still a problem. Share projects with your connections to get surplus work—and that overwhelmed feeling—off your plate.

  • Organize your contacts

    Your network of go-to talent is one of your most valuable assets. Keep your contacts organized by creating private lists, like "Content Stategists," "Local Animators," or "Expensive Designers".

  • Set your availability

    Busy comes and goes. Set your availibility to accepting projects or currently busy. Green means go, and red means you won't be bothered when you're swamped.

What people are saying about SuperBooked…

“Our clients expect industry-leading work, but finding the best talent at the right time is a chore and a challenge. SuperBooked is our memory. No more stress.”


Software consultants — Distributed

“SuperBooked is the perfect community of trusted connections I could recommend to my clients and who would pass on interesting projects to me when they're not available. It’s exactly what I never knew I've always wanted.”

Sara Souiedan

Front-end developer — Lebanon

“Honestly can't believe it took this long for someone to build a tool like SuperBooked. It's simple, effective and affordable.”


Digital Agency — Distributed

“A lead that comes from someone you trust is already set up for success. SuperBooked makes that happen seamlessly.”

Naïm Sheriff

Art Director — NYC

“When scaling a team the most difficult thing is knowing who to reach out to. SuperBooked makes this a non-issue.”

Courtney Bradford

Designer — Dallas, TX